Coin Designs by Daniel Carr.

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World War II commemoratives, 1993.

In 1993, the US Mint held a national open design competition for the World War II 50th anniversary coins. Legislation called for three coins, a clad half dollar, a silver dollar, and a five dollar gold piece. Legislation also required that the silver dollar portray the D-Day landings. Given the enormity of the event being commemorated, I still feel that a series of perhaps 10 silver dollars would have been more suitable. My goal with these three coins was to pay tribute to all the forces that served in Europe and in the Pacific, and to those who fought on land, on (and under) the sea, and in the air.

Half Dollar Obverse

Half Dollar Reverse

Obverse: Foot soldiers and a US Jeep pass an old broken-down brick wall with "Kilroy was here" written on it.

Reverse: The famous flag raising scene on Iwo Jima and a Silver Star.

One Dollar Obverse

One Dollar Reverse

Obverse: Infantry departs from a landing craft.

Reverse: A Sherman tank equipped with a hedgerow chopper, along with Eisenhower's Normandy invasion shield.

Five Dollar Obverse

Five Dollar Reverse

Obverse: "Victory in the Skies". A B-17 and an escorting P-38, along with the Army Air Corps insignia.

Reverse: "Victory at Sea". The battleship USS Missouri with a US Gato-class submarine below. The large "V" for "Victory" doubles as the Roman numeral for 5 (dollars).

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