Coin Designs by Daniel Carr.
These are good examples of the sculpting and rendering capabilities of the VS3D (Virtual Sculptor) CAD/CAM software.

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2000 Maryland state quarter, 2004.

In early 2004 I submitted an application for the US Mint's "Artistic Infusion Program". The official application included an assignment to design a ficticious Maryland state quarter, based upon a Chesepeake Bay wildlife theme. The purpose of the assignment was to give the Mint a means to evaluate the capabilities of the artists applying for the program. The design I submitted is shown below.

The US Mint initially announced that they would select up to 20 "Associate Designers" (students) and up to 20 "Master Designers" (professionals). 306 applications were submitted, approximately 250 from professionals and 56 from students. Ultimately, they decided to select only 18 professionals and 6 students.

Unfortunately, I was not one of the artists selected for the program.

Maryland, AIP

The unique environment of Chesapeake Bay, with all of it’s wildlife, industry, and recreation, represents the essence of Maryland.

A Blue Crab rests in shallow waters near some reeds and Water Stargrass.

The Bay is also host to Ducks, Osprey, and other birds.

The "Mattie F. Dean", a famous bay-built 2-masted schooner, was built in 1884 and it was the last of it’s kind to sail the Chesapeake.


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