Coin Designs by Daniel Carr.
These are good examples of the sculpting and rendering capabilities of the VS3D (Virtual Sculptor) CAD/CAM software.

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2005 California state quarter, 2003.

California held a well-publicized design contest for their quarter. The state Librarian, Kevin Starr, and others on the design review committee did a good job running the contest. They promptly selected 20 finalists from over 8000 entries. The finalists were displayed, in their original unadulterated form, on the California state web page for all to see (and vote on).

California, #1

The first design I created (in collaboration with California resident David Chouiniere) featured four types of trees representing California's diverse regions.

A Giant Redwood (the state tree and the tallest living things on Earth) from the northern coastal rainforest.

A Joshua Tree from the desert.

Palm trees from the sunny south.

A Bristlecone Pine (the oldest living things on Earth) from the high Sierra Mountains.

This design was selected as one of the 20 finalists. The California state web page described it simply as "Coin #7". At various times durning the internet voting, certain designs would suddenly shoot ahead in the polls. This was especially evident for Coin #7, Coin #3, and a couple others. I have no idea who, if anyone, was responsible for any of these possible voting abnormalities ! This design was not among the five finalists selected.

California, #2

The second design shows various California activities.

A rock climber on a vertical face in Yosemite, high above a "silicon" valley, a hang glider, a surfer, and a floating film strip.

California, #3

The third design was similar to the second, but with a skier and a larger (closer) rock climber. The film strip was moved to the valley floor.

2005 Kansas state quarter, 2003.

Kansas is currently reviewing designs, and plans to have Kansas high school students vote on the finalists.

Kansas, #1

This design was submitted in collaboration with Kansas resident Robert Jespersen.

A vintage Currie "Swallowtail" windmill (manufactured in Topeka),
symbolizing the pioneering spirit and early homesteading of Kansas.

The sunflower identifies Kansas as the "Sunflower State" with it’s important
agricultural industries.

The sun has 34 rays (Kansas is the 34th state) and it represents enlightenment and freedom (from slavery).

2005 Oregon state quarter, 2003.

Oregon is currently reviewing designs.

Oregon, #1

This design was submitted in collaboration with Oregon residents Sandra & Wes Hoekstra.

A scene from Oregon’s great outdoors.

Chinook Salmon (the state fish) swim upstream
past Douglas Firs (the state tree).

Mt. Hood rises above a forest in the distance.

2005 Minnesota state quarter, 2003.

Oregon is currently reviewing designs.

Minnesota, #1

This design was submitted in collaboration with Minnesota resident Dan Floyd.

The Star and the North arrow represent Minnesota from its motto:
"The Start of the North".

Radiating lines indicate Minnesota's geographic position in North America. The Moose symbolizes Minnesota's diverse and abundant wildlife.

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