Coin Designs by Daniel Carr.
These are examples of the sculpting and rendering capabilities of the VS3D (Virtual Sculptor) CAD/CAM software.

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Sacagawea dollar, 1998.
After the Dollar Coin Advisory Committee made their recommendation of Sacagawea to the Secretary of the Treasury, I began work on a Sacagawea design of my own, in the hope that I might be invited to participate in a design competition. When it appeared that I would not be invited, I submitted my designs anyway. I also enlisted the help of Colorado Senator Ben Nighthorse Campbell. The Mint graciously allowed me to participate, although I was not paid $1000 per design like the other invited artists were. But that was fine with me, I just wanted a chance. There were 120 designs (obverse and reverse combined) submitted by invited artists. In addition, were my obverse and reverse designs, along with one other reverse design from a non-invited artist, bringing the total to 123.



Obverse: Sacagawea shows the way west. A sun with 13 rays rises above the canoes on the river. 50 stars around the rim.

Reverse: Eagle exploring the solar system. Sun with 50 rays, Earth, and moon. 100 stars around the rim.

Obverse, proof

Reverse, proof

Obverse, matte

Reverse, matte

Click here to see a virtual movie of the obverse twirling.

Click here to see a virtual movie of the reverse twirling.

Sacagawea dollar - final eagle reverse, 1998.
After reviews of the 123 designs were conducted, the Mint contacted me indicating the there was "some interest" in my reverse design with some changes. I agreed to make those changes and submit a new version. This new version was one of seven finalists and a line-drawing version of it was shown on the Mint's web site for public comment. Eventually, the list was narrowed to four reverses and this one was out of the running.

Revised Reverse

Reverse: Eagle soaring in the sun.

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