Coin Designs by Daniel Carr.
These are good examples of the sculpting and rendering capabilities of the VS3D (Virtual Sculptor) CAD/CAM software.

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Fort Collins Colorado 50th Anniversary Medal,1955-2005.
As a member of the club, I was happy to be "volunteered" to design their 50th anniversary medal.



The obverse shows an actual-size Colorado state quarter, but with Horestooth Rock (a landmark visible from Fort Collins) instead of Long's Peak as on the real state quarter. The legend "Larimer County" also appears along with the dates 1955-2005.

The reverse shows a Canada Goose (the Fort Collins area is home to a large number of them), along with a Bighorn Sheep in honor of the Fort Collins based Colorado State University (CSU) Rams.

Both sides show diamond designs made from 50 overlapping squares laid out in a radial pattern. One of the few diamond mines in the western United States is located near Fort Collins in Larimer County.



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