In March 2009 sellers in Canada began offering on eBay several Amero coins that are copyright infringements (copies of my original design). The sellers used my picture of one of my original (genuine) coins for a few of their auctions. Some of the fakes use my 2007 obverse and reverse. Others use my 2007 reverse paired with a buffalo on the other side, and are dated 2010 or 2012. Some show a Pyramid substitued for the Eagle. And yet another fake is a copy of my 2008 obverse and reverse, but with a 2012 date. The fakes appear in various metals, including copper, silver-plated, and gold-plated.

Examples of Amero Fakes (poor-quality copies):


Examples of my Original Ameros:

In early 2009, a seller in Hong Kong sold the coins shown below on eBay. These are unauthorized copies of coins that I originally minted several years prior to 2009 (but with a "2009" date). The Chinese counterfeits have obvious similarities and differences. The most notable difference being the poorly-defined details, especially the "Mr. Bill" representation of the Astronaut's face. Note that the copies have the designers initials ("DC") on both sides and the "D" mint mark on the obverse - just like the genuine article. The counterfeits are reportedly larger than the originals - 35mm in diameter rather than 30mm. The fakes appear to have a white metal center (probably nickel). There are two different types of forgeries - one with a brass-colored outer ring and one with a copper-colored outer ring. The type I produced was 30mm in diameter with a 999 silver center (1/4 troy oz) and a brass outer ring (with satin and proof-like finishes). In 2008 I sold out of my mintage of these and have not offered any for sale since then.

Chinese Fakes:

COUNTERFEIT: 35mm, nickel & brass, about 20 grams:

COUNTERFEIT: 35mm, nickel & copper, about 20 grams:


Genuine Originals:

GENUINE: 30mm, 999 silver center (1/4 troy oz), 13.6 grams, proof-like finish:

GENUINE: 30mm, 999 silver center (1/4 troy oz), 13.6 grams, satin finish:

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