Coin Designs by Daniel Carr.
These are examples of the sculpting and rendering capabilities of the VS3D (Virtual Sculptor) CAD/CAM software.

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2001 Capitol Visitor's Center commemoratives, 2000.
In 2000, I was invited to participate in a design competition for the US Capitol Visitor's Center commemoratives. The coins were to be emblematic of Congress' first session in the Capitol building. This time, I used my sculpting software from the start. My intent was to create some really dramatic designs. This was a challenge. In recent years there have been commemorative coins for the 200th anniversary of Congress, and coins for the 200th anniversary of the Capitol building. The challenge, as I saw it, was how to make something new, attractive, and something that visitors to the Capitol might actually buy in the gift shop. I interpreted the design guidelines believing that these coins could commemorate Congress' first 200 years in the Capitol. After seeing the designs that the Commission Of Fine Arts selected, it now appears that they were seeking designs that showed what the capitol building actually looked like around 1800. None of my designs were among the final 16 in consideration. Oh well, I really thought I had a shot with the half dollar obverse. I did enjoy creating these designs, however, and I may be able to use various elements in future designs.

Clad Half Dollar obverse.
The US capitol dome framed by a pair of pillars from the Old Hall of the House (Statuary Hall). Original Colonnade design by Benjamin Henry Latrobe.

Clad Half Dollar reverse.
The US Capitol rotunda canopy fresco. In the eye of the rotunda is "The Apotheosis of Washington", painted by Constantino Brumidi.

Silver Dollar obverse.
Eunomia, the Greek Goddess of legislation and good government, watches over the US Capitol while holding a shield and a mace.

Silver Dollar reverse.
A majestic Federal eagle.

Gold Five Dollar obverse.
An aerial view of the Capitol and grounds.

Gold Five Dollar reverse.
The flag and fasces from the rostrum.


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