Example of photo retouching performed for the 1968-1972 Chevrolet A-Body Production Totals print.

This 1969 Chevelle Concours 4-door sport sedan was the only example I could locate. It looked ok from 20 feet, but after photographing (Kodak Elite 100 slide film) and digital scanning, the resulting 3072 X 2048 pixel image showed the flaws in detail. "Paint Shop Pro" software was used to retouch the image and perform a virtual restoration. The images shown here are at a significantly reduced resolution for faster internet viewing.

Before (Note: lack of color, mis-aligned trim, white letter tires, "ugly" background, inspection sticker, dent in quarter panel above rear wheel, rust spot at bottom of fender, trim strips on doors):

After (Note: cropping, enhanced color, white wall tires, cleaned-up background, virtual restoration, no inspection sticker, no trim strips on doors):

1968-1972 Chevrolet A-Body Production Totals print

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