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Announcing the most comprehensive reference ever compiled on production totals
for the 1968-1972 Chevrolet intermediate series cars

Monte Carlo, Chevelle, Malibu, SS, 300 Deluxe, Heavy Chevy, Concours, Greenbrier, Nomad, El Camino, GMC Sprint

After years of research, some light is finally being shed on the mysteries of Chevrolet A-body production totals. Daniel Carr has designed a new print showing detailed production tables for all Chevelle models including 2-door sedans, 2-door coupes, 2-door convertibles, 4-door sedans, station wagons, and sedan pickups. Included are detailed production totals for the Chevelle’s cousin - the Monte Carlo, as well as the El Camino’s cousin - the GMC Sprint. Data on US-built and Canadian-built cars is also presented.

The print also shows images of 25 selected vehicles in vivid color. Anyone who appreciates these cars will find it to be a very impressive "work of art" for display in any office, den, or garage. It is printed on heavy 80# paper stock, and has the look and feel of fine art prints. At 42 by 32 inches, it is very large. The large size was necessary for displaying all the relevant information. A person could literally spend hours pouring over all the details presented.

Every piece of available information was utilized to compile the data, including model totals, option totals, and engine totals. Production totals are given for every model and engine combination. And on big blocks, the production totals are even broken down by manual and automatic transmissions for every model. Where there is missing data, the holes have been filled in using statistical techniques (interpolation) to generate unbiased estimates. The data charts are color coded, so it is obvious which totals are estimates, and which totals are derived directly from Chevrolet reports.

The often-asked questions, such as "how many 1969 Chevelle SS-396 4-speed convertibles did they build", have finally been answered with some degree of confidence. It is interesting to see that many well-known models may not be quite as rare as previously thought, while many lesser-known varieties are indeed very unusual.

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The 25 vehicles pictured on the print cover a wide variety of models, including many of the rarest and most desirable versions.

1968 Chevelle SS-396 2-door convertible, 396, Matador Red / white top
1968 Malibu 2-door coupe, 327, Ivory Gold
1968 El Camino SS-396 2-door sedan pickup, 396, Tuxedo Black / red stripes
1968 Chevelle SS-396 2-door coupe, L89 396, aluminum heads, Matador Red / white stripes
1968 Concours 4-door station wagon, L79 327, Grecian Green / woodgrain

1969 El Camino Custom 2-door sedan pickup, 350, Fathom Green
1969 Chevelle SS-396 2-door post sedan, L89 396, aluminum heads, Lemans Blue / white stripes
1969 Malibu SS-396 2-door convertible, 396, Monaco Orange / white top
1969 Malibu Concours 4-door sport sedan, 350, Concours trim, Lemans Blue / white top
1969 Yenko Malibu 2-door coupe, COPO L72 427, Dover White / black stripes

1970 Monte Carlo 2-door coupe, LF6 400, Cortez Silver / black top
1970 Malibu SS-454 2-door convertible, LS6 454, Cowl Induction, Tuxedo Black / white stripes / black top
1970 Malibu SS-396 2-door coupe, L78 396, Green Mist
1970 El Camino SS-454 2-door sedan pickup, LS5 454, Cowl Induction, Tuxedo Black / black top
1970 Malibu SS-454 2-door coupe, LS5 454, Cowl Induction, Classic White / black stripes & top

1971 GMC Sprint SP-454 2-door sedan pickup, LS5 454, Cowl Induction, Nevada Silver / black stripes
1971 Monte Carlo 2-door coupe, LS3 400, M20 4-speed, Burnt Orange / white top
1971 Malibu SS-454 2-door coupe, LS5 454, Classic Copper / black stripes
1971 Concours 4-door station wagon, 350, Placer Gold
1971 Monte Carlo SS-454 2-door coupe, LS5 454, Cranberry red / black top

1972 Chevelle Heavy Chevy 2-door coupe, LS3 402, Heavy Chevy, Orange Flame / black stripes
1972 Malibu 2-door convertible, 350, Mulsanne Blue / black top
1972 Monte Carlo 2-door coupe, L48 350, fender skirts, Cream yellow / white top
1972 El Camino SS-454 2-door sedan pickup, LS5 454, Cowl Induction, Mulsanne Blue / white stripes & top
1972 Malibu SS-454 2-door convertible, LS5 454, Cowl Induction, Sequoia Green / white stripes & top

Daniel Carr is an enthusiast and active member of the nation’s largest Chevelle club (ACES), a member of the National El Camino Owner's Association (NECOA), and a major contributor to Team Chevelle, the internet’s largest Chevelle-related web site. He is also the owner of a 1968 SS-396 El Camino, a 1971 GMC Sprint SP-454, and a 1972 SS-454 El Camino.


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